Home Staging Secrets: Boost The Profits On Home Sales

Amanda Hemtman
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Earn $50,000 extra when selling your home

Are you ever going to sell an apartment or a house?

If yes, you need to read this.

Staging has long been used to raise the price of homes. And what the home stager does have long been trade secrets.

Now it’s time for you to learn what you can do yourself to earn those extra $50,000. This book is all my knowledge from being a home staging consultant and earning 10's of thousands of dollars extra for all of my clients.

TV and Social Media has made the criteria of how our homes look skyrocket. Now everybody wants to show the new home they’ve just bought, and what better way to do that than with the pictures of a clean and staged home.

When staging, you’re playing on the prospects emotions by showing them what they want to see and satisfying their every sense at the same time.

When you’ve staged your home according to this book, you’ll proudly show it off to all your friends on social media.

One of the reasons staging raises the price is that a staged home makes it easier for the prospects to visualize living there, according to 83% of buyers. When more people visualize living there, more people show up at the open house to view the home.

With more people there, men especially, are more prone to get competitive and want it for themselves. And as they're already picturing themselves living there, they raise the price even more than they would otherwise.

After reading this book you don’t need to pay $5000 for a home stager because you’ll know all the secrets already. I’ll teach you what you need to do and give you a lot of examples to show how it’s done.

85% of the homes that were staged by a home stager sold for 6-25% above the originally estimated price

Only 1% of the staged objects were sold at the same price as an un-staged home. That means that the purchase price increases in 99% of the cases with home staging!

68% of the staged homes sold for 9% and higher than similar homes in the neighborhood.

This is the section we’re about to place your home in.

If your home is worth $300,000 and you get a 10% increase, that’s another $30k. If we go a bit further and get a 16% increase, that’s another $48,000. And now we’re in the top 28%. This is the kind of results you’ll get when you follow this book. Pretty sweet right?!

According to a study of 4270 sold homes it was found that 40% of the homes who used home staging got a bump in price by 9-12%.

The study also showed there was a direct correlation between the stagers who charged a bit more and the homes that got the best results in price. So, the bigger the effort, the more you get paid.

Now that you know exactly why you need to stage your home, the only thing left is to get the knowledge and follow it.

Because I am so sure that you will see amazing results from this book, I am offering a No Questions Asked Life-Time Money Back Guarantee.

If you ever find yourself not satisfied with the information, send me a message to let me know, and I will gladly repay you.

  • Home Staging Secrets, the guide to Boost the profits on home sales

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  • Home Staging Secrets, the guide to Boost the profits on home sales
  • Checklist
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  • List of rental companies
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Home Staging Secrets: Boost The Profits On Home Sales

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