Styling and Decorating: An Introduction to The World of Interior Design

Amanda Hemtman
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Let's Open the Door to The Interior World - Together!

Join me on a journey through the basics of Styling and Decorating!

In this introduction you will learn what TO DO as well as what NOT to do!

Not only when you are designing for yourself but also when you are doing it for others.

Is this you?

• Feeling unhappy with your home
• Unsure if you are doing it right
• Tired of not getting good photos
• Envious of other people’s styling
• Don't know how to make it better

Then you've come to the right place!

To solve all your problems, you need to start at the beginning and get to know the foundation.

This is step one!

What is included?


• What is styling and how to do it
• What NOT to do when styling
• How to give texture to still life
• How to think when styling for someone else
•Why your personal opinion doesn't matter


• What Decorating is and how to do it
• How to think to get a good result
• How to decorate a livable space
• If your home is about YOU

Chose everything in turquoise!

When I designed my first home at 19, I didn't know how to decorate in a way that would make me satisfied with the result.

I thought to myself, "I should pick ONE color and go with that! Then nothing can go wrong."

I chose turquoise.
Yes, it's true, every detail from curtains to kitchen towels, were turquoise.

It's okay to laugh, I do too!

Become a PRO!

I decided to study and get a certificate as an Interior Designer and a Home Staging Consultant.

It opened my eyes! It was like I once was blind but now I see.

You could go get a certificate on your own. It would cost you between $3 500 - 8 000.

Or you can learn from me, someone who thinks interior knowledge should be available to everyone.

Click on "I Want This" button to get it for FREE now!

My hopes with sharing this knowledge, is to spark an interest in you.

I want you to feel the same happiness when you are home, as I do when I'm at home.

You also get great tips on:

1. How to think about different angles
2. How to know if it looks good on photo
3. The process of decoration and styling you MUST follow for a successful result

This is the first of many books that will guide you from newbie to pro.

Ps. The time is now! If you want your dream home, you need learn how to create it.

It's in moments like this that you can either choose to stay on the same path, or make a decision to change for the better.

Click the "I Want This" button to join me in the amazing world of interior design! 

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Styling and Decorating: An Introduction to The World of Interior Design

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